Maple Street Natives
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Maple Street Natives offers a series of packaged kits providing all of the plant components you need to start a a Florida native habitat garden, including trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. Designed to attract a variety of birds and butterflies, our kits give you a quick and easy way to start restoring natural Florida in your own yard.  Kits are available for delivery with a travel cost.

Seeds, Liners, and Plugs available

The following kits will provide food and shelter for birds and butterflies:

Kit One: Pine Flatwoods

Three pine trees, two Florida privet or Simpson stopper, three muhly grass (pink flowers), five wildflowers. Total cost: $109.00

Kit Two: Food and Nesting for Birds

Two pine trees, one saw palmetto, three Walter's viburnum, two wax mrytle, two Simpson stopper, and two Florida privet. Total cost: $115.00

Kit Three: Coastal

Three saw palmetto, two fiddlewood (white), three Sea Grape, one each Simpson stopper, Florida privet, or necklace pod, five Gallardia (red), five red sage (red), five wildflowers. Total cost: $142.00

Kit Four: Butterfly Garden

One wild lime, two necklace pod (yellow), three firebush (red), one cassia (yellow), two passion flower (purple), six wildlflowers, three red sage (red), one milkweed (white or pink). Total Cost: $116.00


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