Maple Street Natives

Landscape Ideas

Why go native? Wildlife.
For thousands of years, Florida\'s wild creatures have relied on Florida plants for food, shelter, nesting areas and materials. You can restore natural habitat around your home by planting native. Here, an atala butterfly prepares to lay eggs on its host plant, the coontie palm.
Atala feeding on coontie

Go native and relax.
Reconnect with nature. By choosing a naturalistic landscape design with a diverse array of native plants, you can enjoy seasonal variation with minimum work. Spend your spare time enjoying your yard, not working at it.
Native oasis

Go native, with no lawn.
If you\'ve got no need for turf, then replace it with a low-care groundcover like this sunshine mimosa. You\'ll save water and energy while attracting butterflies.

Natives work poolside as well.
Don\'t lose your Florida look by planting tropicals. Here dune sunflower and Fakahatchee grass are the best complement for the ancient live oaks. Poolside natives

Yes, there is native color.
Two favorites for adding color to the coastal Florida landscape: firebush and dune sunflower.
Firebush dune sunflower for color

Garden art can add color as well.
Here, a colorful sculpture adds a shot of color in a native shrub garden.
Garden sculpture for color

Want a classic look? Go native.
Pines and palmettos are a great old Florida combination and once established, carefree.
Pines and palmetto

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