Maple Street Natives
Phone: (321) 729-6857 Location: 7619 Henry Ave, West Melbourne FL 32904


 HOURS:  9 - 4 pm  Friday and Saturday Only

Open November 23rd and 24th 9-4 Celebrating Green Friday and Small Business Saturday with 15% off all wildflowers!!

Contact info:  321-729-6857 or email

Landscape installation, design and tree service is now partnered with our son Drew Dolan.   NatScape LLC  321-223-6147 or

Online store:

Plant Florida Wildflower, we grow them. Support our pollinators locally for healthy neighborhood landscapes.

Change your grass to Real Florida Landscapes and Support pollinators and other species in decline.

Seeds, Liners, and Plugs of wildflowers for nectar and butterfly host visit online only @

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Reduce Lawn PLANT HABITAT! Visit the nursery for design help and we can offer suggestions to live chemical (harsh) free and have water saving Landscapes.

Organically grown seasonal veggie plants. Veggie starter plants all non-GMO, certified organic seed, open pollinated, and heirloom.

 Veggie and herb plants available. Veggie starter plants are grown from organic seed, composted soil, organic fertilizer, open pollinated and Heirloom.

Maple Street Natives has helped homeowners (DIY) removing over 100,000 + sq.ft. of sod in the past few years. Reducing sod areas and planting with Trees and under story provide for our pollinators and does not pollute.  Visit the nursery for contacts that can help.


All of us here at Maple Street Natives want everyone to have healthy habitat producing gardens. Ask us how. Converting your yard is affordable and will add value to your life and property. Reduce watering, toxic chemicals, and costly grass. We can start this movement and change our neighborhoods. All of our homes will support pollinators and other wildlife that will add life to our lives. You will have more flowers and fruits and veggies  by attracting more pollinating birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. The enjoyment of visiting birds, butterflies, and dragonflies is very entertaining for everyone. Visit Now and get started. Cool the Earth PLANT HABITAT!

Lets keep up the pace spread the word for a caring stewardship

 Veggie and Herbs grown right here from organic seed in composted soil and organic fertilizer.

Green America Today visit for all you fair trade shopping.

Come perk up your garden. The benefits of Native Gardening, no chemicals, less water, more pollination, Real Florida, attract birds and butterflies, to name a few. Florida Native plants are #1 at our nursery. Veggies and herbs as well as organic fertilizer adds to the overall sustainable landscaping you need to achieve for a healthy environment.

Visit and reclaim your yard to nature. Trees and Flag available at the nursery.

Malabar Scrub Tour with Margaret Hames DVD available, support conservation, all proceeds benefit the Conradina Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society. A Non-profit society.

We are beekeepers. SAVE the Bees.



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