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Pesticide Free Plants!

Covert your landscape to Florida Native Plants. 

Seeds,  Liners,  4" pots, and 1 gallon wildflowers and shrubs.  Visit online Shipping only @

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Maple Street Natives has helped homeowners (DIY) removing over 100,000 + sq.ft. of sod in the past few years. Reducing sod areas and planting with Trees and under story provide for our pollinators and does not pollute.  Visit the nursery for contacts that can help.

All of us here at Maple Street Natives and NatScape want everyone to have healthy habitat producing gardens. Ask us how. Converting your yard is affordable and will add value to your life and property. Reduce watering, toxic chemicals, and costly grass. We can start this movement and change our neighborhoods. All of our homes will support pollinators and other wildlife that will add life to our lives. You will have more flowers and fruits and veggies  by attracting more pollinating birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. The enjoyment of visiting birds, butterflies, and dragonflies is very entertaining for everyone. Visit online and get started.


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Visit and reclaim your yard to nature. 

 SAVE the Bees.



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